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As I returned from a recent business trip, I listened to one of my favorite Christmas songs called, “Where’s the Line to See Jesus?” sang by Becky Kelley. I love listening to this special song because it reminds me of the real reason for Christmas. I listen to it every time I’m on the plane going somewhere, even when it’s not Christmas. For some reason, this song gives me peace and calm as I go off to my destination.

This song tells the story of a boy who is at a shopping mall during the Christmas season looking for Jesus, but he can’t find him anywhere in the mall. Instead, he finds a huge line to see Santa. So he asks a young woman, “Where’s the line to see Jesus?” but she couldn’t answer. He then asks her, “If Christmas time is his birthday why don’t we see him more?” But again, the young woman didn’t know what to say as there was no line for Jesus. Lastly, the boy says, “He was born for me. Santa Claus brought me presents but Christ gave his life for me!”

This Christmas let’s not focus on the busyness of the season and the stress from shopping under the pressure of a tight timeline and a short budget. Instead, let’s give thanks to God for giving us the ONE gift that will change our lives for eternity—Salvation.

There is no greater gift than salvation. There is no present that we could ever give to anyone that compares to this one. So this season you can go to malls and visit Santa with your kids. You can buy presents for your children and loved ones. But I encourage you to also seek “the line to see Jesus!” Seek Him first and all the other things will be added to your life (Matthew 6:33).

Salvation is for Everyone (Romans 10:5-14). If you haven’t accepted the gift of salvation yet, I’m giving it to you right here, right now. Read these scriptures and you will know exactly what to do and say. If you have received this amazing gift, then bring Jesus with you wherever you go and share Him with others. “Pay it forward,” as they say, and don’t keep the Good News to yourself. Don’t be afraid of giving this gift. Don’t be ashamed of this gift as it is the most valuable and priceless gift you can ever want for yourself or give to others once you have it.

As you do all these things during the Christmas season, ask yourself the question: Whose birthday is it anyway?

Merry Christmas!!

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