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My Dear Friends,

I love the topic of friendship and I LOVE all my friends. They are each a gift from God to me and I appreciate each one, which is precisely why I wrote The Friendship Book. Today I want to share with you that I’m going to Nicaragua to visit my parents and will also introduce the book in Spanish, “El Libro de la Amistad” in the largest bookstore in Managua, the capital. I will be speaking in a panel along two other individuals on the beautiful subject of friendship.

This month we celebrate Valentine’s Day and I want to wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day with your loved ones and all your friends. I will leave you today with two poems from The Friendship Book. Enjoy!

Windows of the Heart
My days are happier
when you are part of it.
Life is much better
when I share it with you,
my friend.
One day spent with a friend
is a happy day.
Today I am happy.

Thinking of You
Sometimes when we love someone,
we don’t say so often with words
because we think they know.
If you’ve told them once or twice before,
don’t assume your words are remembered.
Your loved ones
need to hear you say
“I love you” often
so those words get rooted in their hearts forever.

If you are my friend, know that I LOVE YOU!

Thank you for your friendship.

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