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Dear Friends,

I love birthdays! Yesterday was my special day. Some people don’t celebrate birthdays and say it’s just one more day or hate getting old. But I disagree. Your birthday is special. It’s the day God chose for you to be born into this world. And it’s the day we get to celebrate YOU! We get to tell you how loved you are, how much we care about you, and get to wish good things upon your life.

I celebrate my birthday because I celebrate one more year of my life, one more year that I got to be with my family, with all my friends, and simply enjoyed being alive! On my birthday I celebrate life itself. I celebrate with thankfulness in my heart that Jesus chose ME! I celebrate that God cared so much for me that He sent Jesus to die for me on the cross so I could have eternal life—birthdays forever! It doesn’t have to be Thanksgiving to remember the good things in our lives. Yes, I also don’t like getting old but, on the positive side, I don’t mind the years of life experience that I attain with each passing year. I take care of my body and health to the best of my ability and I leave the rest to God to take care of me. And when I had a bad year (because we can all have those), then I celebrate it’s over and now I can look forward to a new year in my life.

Yesterday, all of your thoughts, good wishes, prayers, and blessings that you sent my way made me feel so special. I truly enjoyed being remembered and I appreciated each one of your messages. I don’t visit Facebook every day because it can be a distraction from my work. However, I do check my notifications almost daily to ensure I don’t miss anyone’s birthday. I always like to send at least those two words, “Happy Birthday!” I may have missed a few in the past but I try to wish all my friends a happy day on their special day.

But I was pondering on this concept of wishing our loved ones well and telling them how much we love them, and asked myself. Why do we only say those things to our friends and family on their birthday? Why is it that we usually only reach out to others when we hear they’re not doing well? Why not reach out just because? When our friends and family are healthy and happy? Why not take advantage of life and enjoy our relationships every day? That’s why whenever I think of someone or feel the urge to pray for that person, I send them a short text, email, or sometimes even a voice mail. Those unexpected messages go such a long way to the person receiving it. You mean, getting a love message out of the blue, just because? Wow! We’re not used to getting those. We’re all too busy and disregard those little nudges that I believe is God telling us to reach out.

Yesterday, I got messages from my friends from Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Kenya, Armenia, Mexico, Philippines, and of course from many different states in the U.S. I loved it! With technology these days, there is really no excuse to not stay connected with the people we love and appreciate.

Today, I encourage you to reach out. Stay connected with the people you love. Reach out—in the good times—when you can still enjoy life together. Enjoy each relationship and thank God for it, for each friend is a gift from God to YOU!

Happy Birthday everyone! Every day is your special day in my calendar!


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