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Dear Friends,

I recently read an article on the topic of “Waiting on God” that resonated with me. It seems like most of us are waiting for something in our lives. And it seems to me that most of us also struggle in similar ways during the wait. Why is it so hard to wait on God? I think because our timing is not the same as His. It is also hard because sometimes we are asking God for something that we are not ready to receive in some way. Because we cannot see the future like God sees it, we don’t understand why He makes us wait so long—what seems to be often an eternity.

Other times we may be asking God for something that, if we were to receive it, may destroy our lives. We don’t know that, of course, but God does and that’s why He will not give us those particular requests. That’s when trusting God comes in. I believe in God and that He loves me. But trusting God with every aspect of my life is difficult. Some areas are easier to give up to God than others. For example, right now I’m believing God to increase my business. In the meantime, I continue to prepare, learn, educate myself, and network—sowing the seeds. But when I continue to plant and plant and the harvest takes what seems forever to come, I sometimes get discouraged. The reality is that businesses take a while to grow and I must be patient—a virtue I don’t possess. So when I ask God to teach me patience, He makes me wait. And many times I don’t recognize it that I’m in a waiting mode precisely because I asked God to teach me patience. It seems I have not learned yet!

Sometimes though when I reflect on my current prayer of increasing my business, I don’t realize the precious gift I currently have of having extra time. If God is giving me this extra time to pursue the rest of my calling in my life, then I must take this opportunity to do so. I need to continue sowing the seeds and simply wait until the right time comes when I can handle the increased business.

I love the fact that right now I can pursue my calling and do the three things I love—work with small community banks, speak about leadership and share God wherever I can, and also write my books. I’m writing three books right now but it’s not the pressure people think it is. I simply write on each book as I’m inspired.

I also have learned to ask God to put in my heart the desires He wants me to desire so when I want something, I know it’s from Him and He will grant me those desires—in His timing. I have learned to be content but need to continue to learn to wait for God to grant my prayers at the right time. I hope you will also work on waiting on God. Think of the areas where God is still working in your heart and also the other things you can do or take care of while you wait. Doing these things will help you wait until your prayers are answered or until you realize that God has other plans that are different than your prayers. Then you’ll need to accept His plan over yours and be content.

The point is for us to learn to be content with God’s plans for our lives and also to trust Him with every area of our lives. In the meantime, as you wait, know that almost every person is waiting for something. You are not alone.

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