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Dear Friends,

I have not written on my blog for a few weeks. It seems I’ve had something going on each weekend since Christmas and this is the time when I write. I hope you are having a great start to your New Year!

I’m not a writer as a profession. I’m a writer as a calling. Therefore, I don’t put pressure on myself to write unless I have something of value to say and/or when God puts something in my heart to share with you. I write when I’m inspired to write and not out of obligation. So today I’m enjoying my time with the Lord and writing to you as well. I have two things to share with you today.

First, God is good to us and He is faithful! He answers prayers and doesn’t leave us nor forsake us even when we’re going through dark times in our lives. I especially think God listens to the prayers of our friends and family—when we pray for each other. I have been praying for several people and for specific things in their lives and I’m starting to hear back about some prayers being answered already. Praise God!

The second thing I want to share with you is that this month I had the privilege to graduate the first group of women from The Master’s Program for Women, a three-year journey to find your Kingdom calling. These first eight amazing women who walked this journey with me have now a clearer understanding of their unique, individual callings. Identifying your calling is hard work. It’s not often when people know exactly what they’re called to do from a very young age. Usually it takes time to search your heart, much prayer, getting to know yourself as a person, discovering your talents, and choosing to use those talents for Kingdom purposes.

The Master’s Program for Women (TMPS) is the only curriculum I teach that is not my own. I chose to become a teacher/leader for TMPW because this program aligns with my personal calling which is to help working people be successful in every area of their lives. TMPW takes you into a journey of self-discovery. It guides you to focus inward first to get “your house” in order and then you can focus outward to fulfill the Kingdom calling in your life.

The first year focuses on your Personal Realm (the four aspects of your person): physical (body), intellect (mind), soul (relationships), and spirit (your spiritual life). We learn about Life Mastery, which is based on Bob Shank’s book called the same, Life Mastery. This concept is about mastering the various aspects of your life so you can serve God to the fullest—truly being the best that He created you to be!

The second year focuses on your Professional and Family Realms. You learn how to use your talents in your professional career, and how to improve your relationships with your spouse, children and your relationships with others in general. You also learn about your own relationship with (and to) money and finances. You learn concepts to put your financial realm into perspective and how God’s reward system is different than the world’s.

The third year we focus on the Kingdom Realm—your Kingdom calling. The main purpose of this journey is to take you from success to significance. During these sessions you learn to apply your talents to help others in the Kingdom and how to bring people into the Kingdom of God. You learn to discern how to spend your time wisely, how to say “no” to the things that are cluttering your life, and say “yes” to the things that have eternal impact.

I invite you to visit TMPW’s website so you can learn more about this program at www.themastersprogramforwomen.org. You can also always contact me if you want to learn more about this amazing journey of discovery and walk with God. My email is marcia@marciamalzahn.com. They also have this program for men and you can check it out at www.themastersprogram.org.

May God bless you and protect you this year so you can find your own Kingdom calling!

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