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Dear Friends,

This coming Tuesday, November 8, 2016 is Election Day. This is a very important day for all Americans to exercise their duty and privilege as an American citizen. What an amazing privilege it is to vote. Having lost my country of origin, Nicaragua, to communism during the years 1979-89 where citizens lost their right to vote, I don’t take this privilege for granted.

Unfortunately, this time, Americans are not only disappointed but also confused like never before as to who to vote for. A political science professor I heard speak recently at an event, said that this year Americans are “the most polarized ever,” meaning, they have become extreme Republicans or Democrats. There is no middle ground anymore and there are less than ever States that are considered “swing States.”

I am so sad to see that we have come to the two candidates we now have for each party. I’m even sadder to realize that if we had a true leader in the midst, someone who would be an amazing leader and president for this nation, he or she may not be able to run unless they are a billionaire or, at a minimum, a millionaire. Furthermore, even if she or he would be a billionaire and had the money to invest (and be willing to lose) in order to run, she or he may not want to expose herself/himself to the scrutiny that comes with running. He or she may not want to expose the family to the criticism and horrible attacks that come from all over the country—and the world.

But in the midst of the confusion we keep forgetting that God can work with and through anyone He chooses to work with and through. He can use whoever is in power to continue His plans for the world, this country, and for each of us. We, as Christians, have two major responsibilities: 1) VOTE, and 2) PRAY. Pray for our nation; pray for grace and forgiveness. Pray for our leaders at every level. Pray for wisdom to do the right thing and to vote for the right candidate. Once we fulfill our duty, then we need to TRUST God that He is in control. That’s all we can do.

So today, I encourage you to exercise your privilege and right to vote while you still have it. You still have the freedom to vote while others in other countries have lost that right. Do not allow the political views to divide your family, church, and friendships. That’s exactly what the enemy wants! Thank God for FREEDOM and go vote!

God bless you all!


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