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Dear Friends,

I used to ask God for wisdom – wisdom to help me do my job every day, wisdom to help me guide my employees, to make the right decisions for the business, and wisdom so I wouldn’t make mistakes. Last year, however, I found myself asking God for love—His love. I ask God to fill my heart with His kind of love so I can love people, and He has done it. My heart is filled with His love, a love that overflows my heart. I want to love on people. I want people to know Jesus. I have a deep desire to go out and tell people of the good news of the Gospel, to share my story of how God has helped me through the years to be successful. How it’s not about me. I’m not the main character of my story. He is! Without Jesus, I have no story!

As a public speaker, it is very hard to speak in the secular arena about my life story and leave Jesus out because He is the reason I am even alive today. He is the reason for any success of any kind that I’ve ever achieved. God is the one who gave me all the gifts I have. God is the one who opened all the doors of opportunity and God is the one who made all the connections for me, divine connections. So how do I bring the good news of the Gospel to the secular business world when the only good news is not politically correct to say? I trust God will show me the way.

I believe the corporate world is ready to hear the refreshing good news. Business people are ready to hear that it’s not all about business and making money. It’s also about making a difference in people’s lives. It’s about living with significance. It’s about bringing hope to others. And the only way we bring hope is by bringing Jesus into the business world.

The people in the business world are still people with the same needs as the people in the third world countries that are desperate and hungry. People in America may not be physically hungry but they still need hope. They are lost and are hungry for an answer. They want to make a difference. They are looking for a solution. They want significance and purpose. They want to find their calling.

So I will go on and fulfill my own calling, which is to help working people be successful in every area of their lives—that includes their spiritual lives. I will go on and love on people. I will love people with the love of God. If that’s all I can do in some cases, then God will ensure that it will be enough. I pray that each one of you who reads my blog today will feel the love of God – today and always.

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