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My Trip to Nicaragua

Dear Friends,

I have been out of the country the past couple of weekends visiting my parents in Nicaragua. It was their 51st anniversary and they renewed their vows. I was the only one of the six children that was able to travel, so I did. I told my siblings that I was going to take full advantage of being a single child for 10 days!! Well, while it was fun having their full attention, I did miss being surrounded by lots of people. I grew up with all my siblings and then got married and had our two kids. I’ve always been with people so I missed my husband dearly those ten days. I’m taking you with next time honey!!

But kidding aside, I was able to spend quality time with my parents, which was the purpose of the trip. I was privileged to witness the renewal of their vows with Monsignor who performed a special mass at their local Catholic church. Then they had a small celebration dinner at their home with close friends. Everything was simple and special. They got married on a Sunday, September 13, 51 years ago!

If you are blessed enough to still have your parents, set aside time to spend with them while you still can. I will never forget the time I had with them alone. Just talking about whatever. They gave me their full attention. I was their only child for those moments. We had times when we were doing nothing… together. We ate together. We watched movies together. We went to the beach together. That was my favorite day. My mom and I got my dad wet from head to toe while holding his hands so he wouldn’t lose his balance. He got to eat his favorite fish and then I rented a little hotel room for the day so they could both take a “siesta” after “swimming” in the ocean. While they rested, I went outside and just watched the ocean waves and listen to the ocean. I thanked God for the opportunity to be there and recorded the ocean so I wouldn’t forget the moment.

If you already lost your parents, then I encourage you to “adopt a parent.” There are a lot of elderly people who don’t have loved ones anymore and are yearning for people to go love on them, for a person who would listen to them or share stories with them.

I love my parents. They’re not perfect but neither am I. I thank God for them every day and I’m blessed to have them. I know they love me too.

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