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Dear Friends,

Do you ever wonder what you would do if you were face to face with Jesus, right now, today? What would you say to him? How would you behave? Would you ask him tons of questions? Or would you just sit next to him and enjoy His presence? I was pondering on that this morning and I think I would just sit next to him. I would rest my head on his shoulder. I would feel in complete peace knowing everything will be ok in my life. I would ask him over and over again to forgive me of my sins. I would thank him deeply for dying on the cross for me. No one has ever or will ever do that for me! Only Jesus paid that price for my salvation. Wow! I get overwhelmed when I think about the pain he endured, just for me, and for each one of us.

Then I started thinking. If Jesus lived today and was part of my generation, I would definitely want him to be my best friend. I know I can trust Him. But, would He choose me also to be His best friend? Can He trust me like I trust Him? Am I trustworthy enough for Him to entrust in me heavenly truths and secrets of His Father? Am I good enough to be considered one of His best friends? Wow! I got overwhelmed again thinking to myself, “No way, I’m never going to be good enough for Him to choose me as one of His best friends. I have no chance…” But then I remembered that God loved me first. He already chose me from the start, from the day I was conceived and created by Him. I was chosen. I am the one now who has to choose Him back and live my life for Him. No reservations. Just live for Him. Use all the gifts He gave me to bless others and to glorify Him. That is what I want.

With that revelation in my heart, knowing that I’m never going to be good enough but that God already chose me from the start despite of my sins, I can be at peace knowing I’ll be ok. I accept it. I embrace it.

Today I want to end with one of the devotionals from my book Devotions for Working Women to remind us that it was God who chose each one of us a long time ago! If you haven’t done so, today is your day to choose Him back!

God Chose You Long Ago


1 Peter 1:2 (NLT)

God the Father chose you long ago, and the Spirit has made you holy. As a result, you have obeyed Jesus Christ and are cleansed by his blood.

If you don’t have any other reason to feel special today, think of this one: God the Father chose you long ago! God himself chose you for His purposes and for you to live eternally with Him. In addition, His Spirit made you holy. You must strive to live a holy life on a daily basis. You accomplish this by obeying Jesus. His blood cleanses all your sins.

Live your life for God. Do everything you do as unto the Lord. Thank Him for everything He has given you and done for you. The God of the Universe, the Creator and Master of all has chosen you.

Let all your friends, family, and co-workers know that God is your God by choosing to live a holy life.

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