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The Rain

Dear Friends,

What do you do in a rainy day? Sometimes rainy days bring me down and make me feel sad for some reason. Other times, I look forward to a rainy day so I can slow down and take it easy, relax, and enjoy doing nothing… I can’t remember the last time I did nothing…

We all look forward to the sunny days because physically we feel happy. We know that we need vitamin D and the sun gives it to us for free. We feel inspired, energetic, and excited to be outside enjoying the weather. Even though we love sunny days, however, we need rainy days as well. Just as nature needs the sun and the rain to grow and flourish, and to survive, we also need both for the same reasons.

The rain allows us to replenish our soul and to do activities that we otherwise would not do. For example, when I was growing up we used to go to the ocean every weekend. During the sunny days, we would spend them outside at the beach, playing in the waves and picking up shells from the coast. But in the rainy days, we would spend it in the house, together, playing games, reading, and laying in the hammocks. We had no TV at the beach house. We had fun whether it was sunny or rainy. We had fun together, as a family.

During the spring, I get to see from my bedroom windows how, from week to week, all the trees come to life. It’s fascinating and amazing to see how God created nature’s cycles. Today, the trees look as if they’re soaking every drop of water that falls from the sky. They are flourishing and getting fuller by the minute. The leaves are so green! The scenery inspires peace and silent.

So today, I encourage you to enjoy the rain. When the sun comes out again, you will be refreshed and ready to go!

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