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Dear Friends,

This week was my birthday and I spent the day in Jury Duty. Everyone I told said, “Oh, I’m sorry you have to spend your special day there.” I spent the entire day before my birthday in the waiting room… waiting to be called. But I never did that day. So I shared with the ladies at my table that the next day was my birthday and they, of course, also said, “Oh no, I’m sorry!”

The next day, we all showed up again to wait and one of the ladies bought me a cup cake that morning and said, “Happy birthday!” I was so touched and told her how sweet and thoughtful of her that was. She said it was nothing… but it was not nothing. That small gesture meant a lot to me—especially because we didn’t even know each other’s names. Then I said, “Oh no, I forgot my drink today.” And the guy at my table took out 50 cents and said to me, “Here, go buy yourself a bottle of water. Happy birthday!” Even though I had 50 cents and could have bought myself the drink, the acts of kindness from these two strangers really touched my heart that day. I also don’t take for granted that those are the little details that God does for me to remind me of His love for me and that it doesn’t matter where we are. What matters is that He loves us and He sends people to love on us on our special day.

Despite the fact that I spent my birthday in Jury Duty, it was one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had. No party, no drinking, no dancing… just the gift of love that I received from all my friends and family was so special that it made my day. The emails, phone calls, voice mails with friends singing to me, texts, and FaceBook posts kept me so busy that morning that the time just flew by. Then I was called to be on a panel of jurors but I was dismissed that afternoon for good. My service was done.

Some people don’t like to celebrate their birthday because they feel they’re getting older and what’s the point anyway? A birthday is not a big deal, they think. But I disagree. I celebrate birthdays because I am thankful to God that He allowed me to live another year. It also represents a new beginning, a new year to work toward our goals, another opportunity to serve God fully and pursue our calling.

So the next time your birthday comes around, tell people it’s your birthday, take the hugs, accept the love from your friends and family, and celebrate life!

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