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Dear Friends,

I love spring. Even though the beginning of it looks dry, boring, and with no colors at all, I know what’s coming. I know the trees “look dead” but they have life inside. They just have been sleeping and resting during the winter and now they’re ready to give birth again and bring forth fruit. Spring also reminds me that summer is coming, which is my favorite season because I love warm weather.

Like the trees, sometimes we may feel dry, boring, and with no excitement in our lives. Some of us may even feel dead inside because of life events that affected our lives. But it is during those hard times, when we can reach out to God to help us bring life again. Spring reminds us of the opportunity we all have to start fresh. We have a new year to try things out, to forgive those who hurt us in the past, and to move on.

Today, I encourage you to look inside of your heart and if you’ve experienced a dry, cold winter these past few months, it’s time to revitalize yourself. It’s time to get going and produce some fruit—good fruit.

Enjoy spring—every moment of it!

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