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Dear Friends,

Another Christmas, another year. These last few days of the year, people usually take time to reflect on everything that happened during the past year and also think about the things that couldn’t get done. Some people lost a loved one during the past twelve months and this was the first Christmas without him or her. It was different. It was probably sad. Other families got a new addition, a new baby arrived, and this was probably their happiest (and probably the most tired) Christmas they’ve ever had. Yet other people got married and this was the first Christmas they spent together as a couple.

As the New Year comes along I encourage you to think of the happy moments you had during the year, the time you spent with your loved ones, and also take time to grieve those you may have lost. I personally lost two co-workers within the past thirteen months. That was hard. They were my friends and I miss them dearly. I also got a new nephew, whom I adore and my daughter got married. I got a new son-in-law, whom I love as my own son.

When we remember the happy moments in our lives, our hearts fill up with gratefulness, which helps us then deal with the sad moments we experienced during the year. When we focus on what we have versus what we lack, it gives us a different perspective in life. There will always be people who have more and who have less than we do. That’s ok. God meets our needs and blesses us immensely, each day.

So enjoy today and each day you have left of 2014. Then celebrate the New Year!


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