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The Love of a Friend

Dear Friends,

How much do you love your friends? How much do you love your best friend? Do you have one or several close friends? I was pondering today on the “love of a friend.” Friendship is something very special. The things we do for a friend are amazing. Sometimes we can love a friend more than our own siblings. Sometimes we love them just as a brother or sister. Many times we hurt our friends deeply too because we break the trust that is the foundation of any relationship. Many of those times when we hurt a friend, we never meant to. Words can be said, things happen, misunderstandings get in the way, and the relationship is damaged—sometimes beyond repair. Why does it hurt so much?

I am the type of person that gets really close to people. Because of that, I have developed many wonderful close relationships that have lasted many years through the course of my life. To me, friends are like a treasure. They are like gold. Every special friend I have is like a unique gift that God gave me, just for me to enjoy and cherish.

One of those close relationships I have developed over the years is with Jesus, our Lord and Savior. Talk about the love of a friend and paying the ultimate sacrifice for a friend? Jesus did it for us, in the most painful way imaginable. I take Jesus with me wherever I go. I always say, “Don’t leave home without Him!” I talk to Jesus as if He were here with me… because He is. He is in my heart every day, each moment of my day. He knows me and loves me just the way God created me. He accepts me and approves of me. He also forgives me when I hurt Him. How do I hurt Jesus? Well, when I don’t share Him with others because I’m ashamed of saying His name or afraid of being judged by others. I hurt Jesus when I don’t help someone in need because I’m too busy to stop and help because it’s an inconvenience. I hurt Jesus when I hurt my brothers and sisters in Christ. I hurt Him when I take Him for granted and don’t even acknowledge Him for days because I’m too busy thinking about other things. I forget He’s there…

So today, I am purposed to be more diligent in spending more time with Jesus, just getting to know Him better, thanking Him for what He did for me as a friend. I will share Him more with my friends and tell the stories of how He has helped me in my life, how I know He’s real. I will also continue to nurture all my close friendships and love them with the love of God and with the love of a true friend. I encourage you to do the same!

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