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Dear Friends,

Friday I lost a dear friend to cancer. I will never forget when he told me on June 17, 2013 that he had terminal cancer. I was to communicate the news to the staff and I didn’t know how to do it. I prayed and asked God to help me communicate the bad news to the employees. I gathered everyone and said that I had some news to share about our dear friend then I proceeded to read his text… At the end of the text, I broke down and cried. I couldn’t hold it together.

Leaders of an organization are often expected to have it all together, at all times, and to always be the ones who pull others up. But sometimes leaders also need to be held up and to be pulled up. Also, sometimes leaders think that they are supposed to be super humans. To the contrary, it is when they show their humanity that others admire them and follow their lead. It is in those moments that others realize that leaders, too, are humans, not just leaders.

It was a long journey from the day we found out the bad news until Friday. He wasn’t supposed to make it this far according to the doctors but God gave him enough time to complete his journey here on earth. For those of us who are left behind, we will miss him dearly. For those who went to heaven before him, are now rejoicing to be with him again. We continue our journey and live each day with the hope that we will see him again soon. Goodbye my friend. I will see you soon!

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