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Dear Friends,
This past week I lost a dear friend to cancer, one of my employees. The entire company was shaken up by his sudden death. Even though we knew he was fighting cancer, we were not ready to lose him so soon. This situation has made me reflect on my own mortality and all my relationships. I live with the awareness that I can be gone today and that my loved ones could be gone as well. It is for that reason that I always express my feelings towards all my friends and family. All of those who know me know how much I appreciate them, how much I love them, and that I am here for them in a time of need.

Today, I encourage you to tell your loved ones how much you love them. Tell them often, tell them in words, tell them with hugs—lots of hugs, tell them in writing—write them letters of love, tell them with actions—do something for them that only people who loves them would do. Don’t wait until it’s too late. There may not be a tomorrow.

My motto: Live my life as if today is my last day. Treat others as if today is the last day I will see them.

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