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Dear Friends,
There are times in our lives when we need to make decisions based on the choices and opportunities we have at the time. Each choice we make has consequences and, therefore, we must choose carefully. But how do we know which way to go? What if both choices look good for us? Today I want to share with you one of the devotionals from my book, Devotions for Working Women, that encourages us to not worry about tomorrow. We must trust God and that He has a plan for us. We must trust that His Holy Spirit is within us to make the right choice with the information we have at hand. Then, we have to leave the situation in His hands and not worry about tomorrow for He will help us then too.

Don’t Worry about Tomorrow
Matthew 6:34 (Weymouth)

Do not be anxious, therefore, about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own anxieties. Enough for each day is its own trouble.

Do you worry about tomorrow? Do you worry about losing your job? Did you know that worry is the opposite of faith? Fear and worry rob us of God’s peace and rest. In His Word, God tells us to not worry. In fact, He commands us not to worry. Why? Because worry shows lack of faith and trust in Him. When we worry, we are telling God that what He says in His Word doesn’t work, so we are coming up with a better solution ourselves.

Did you know that God has feelings? God, as a Father, gave up His only Son and sacrificed Him so we may have life. By worrying, we are saying that what Jesus did was not worth it to us and that hurts God. Yet He doesn’t keep track of hurts, and He forgives us on a daily basis.
God gives us grace for one day at a time. Each day has its troubles—sometimes big and other times small—either way, we must confront and resolve each one.

Therefore, don’t worry about the future. Give it to the Lord. Work hard today and know that He is in charge and in control of your life.

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