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Dear Friends,
This week was Thanksgiving week. I hope you spent time with your family and enjoyed a wonderful meal. During the busy holidays it is easy to go on without stopping to thank God for all the things He’s done for us. Today I want to encourage you to make time to meditate and be thankful to God for everything He’s given you and for what you have. Today I would like to share with you a poem I wrote on Thanksgiving. Enjoy!

Today is a beautiful day
God created this day for you and me
For us to say thanks and to worship Him

Today is a special day
As we are to remember why we are here
The reason is to give thanks

Today we pause and reflect
We stop and give thanks
To the One who loves us so much
That He sent His only Son

On this day we realize
How much God does for us
Every day, every hour, because He cares

A grateful heart is what He wants
Just pure gratitude from the heart
The thanksgiving that flows from inside
And it overflows to the ones around

A whole day is dedicated to say thanks
In the midst of a world that is ungrateful
We stop and take the time to be thankful
For everything He has done in our lives
For sending His Son to die
All God wants is our hearts

So today thank God for His blessings
For His love and for all His gifts
Be thankful and enjoy life
And you will bless Him back

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