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Dear Friends,
Every day we are faced with opportunities to help others in the workplace. Today, I would like to encourage you to find those situations where you are able to help those around you—especially if you are in a leadership position. Don’t be afraid to help people by sharing your knowledge and tips for success. God will reward you for helping others when you are in need of help.

Be Willing to Help Others

Proverbs 3:27 (NLT)
Do not withhold good from those who deserve it when it’s in your power to help them.

As we grow in our careers and become more successful and influential, we will enjoy many more opportunities to help develop and guide other individuals. As a leader, it’s important to not withhold good from those who deserve it—especially when we have the power and ability to help them.

When you help others, it shows you are not afraid of sharing success. Some of those you helped will remember you and be loyal to you in the future. You should also never forget those who helped you get where you are today. You can help others in several different ways. Sometimes it may be a word of recommendation for a promotion, encouragement for a project well done, or praise for individuals in front of their colleagues. Not only is helping others a rewarding experience, but in the end you will gain their favor and be a witness to them of the love of God.

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