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Plan and Do It!

Dear Friends,
Do you ever find yourself planning for something you want to do in your life but it never seems to be the perfect time to do it? If God put some desires in your heart (for example, make a trip to visit special friends that live far away, finish your college, or volunteer at an elderly facility), don’t wait until it’s too late. Plan and just do it. We should plan and then let God help us get it done but we must start the process by making the first step. Today I want to share with you a devotional that talks about planning and having faith in God to get it done. Enjoy!

We Plan. God Makes the Conditions Perfect.
Ecclesiastes 11:4 (NLT)

If you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done.

How many times we want to make a move, a change in our lives, and we don’t because the perfect conditions are not there? We wait just a little more, one more day, one more thing to put in order, and many times we miss opportunities because we waited too long. In real life, we will never have the perfect conditions to make a step, to obey God by faith, or to make a change in our lives. We have to learn to take risks in faith and in wisdom.

Many people confuse being in faith with lack of planning. They have a “God will take care of me” attitude and don’t want to do their part. That is foolish. For example: if you want to get a new job, don’t quit the one you have in faith and then start looking, unless you can afford it financially. In my opinion, that is not faith. It is being irresponsible. I want to clarify that there may be circumstances where you may have to quit your job cold due to extreme circumstances like sexual harassment. But in most cases, you need to plan your exit.

Examine yourself. Take inventory of your skills, keep your network of contacts alive at all times. Research, plan, plan, plan. Planning is not lack of faith. It is wisdom. However, there comes a time when you are done planning and revising your plan. You turn your plan over to God and take the step. You plan with His guidance and do your best. Then let Him take care of the rest, and He will make all the conditions become perfect to allow you to make the move.

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